Mar Shopping Algarve

MAR Shopping Algarve provides electric chargers for 30 parking spaces

The shopping centre aims to reduce CO2 emissions, taking another step towards environmentally positive operations by 2030.

Together with the IKEA store in Loulé, MAR Shopping Algarve now provides electric chargers for a total of 30 parking spaces. The Meeting Place seeks to increase sustainability in urban mobility, positioning itself as a shopping destination and a place of convenience and entertainment for everyday life in the Algarve.

MAR Shopping Algarve’s new charging points reflect the increase of 100% electric vehicles (BVE) in the country. According to data from the Automobile Association of Portugal (ACAP), “BVE sales surpassed diesel cars in February this year, setting a new monthly record. With more means of electric transport circulating, increasing the network of electric chargers and providing convenience to circulate in this type of vehicle is necessary”.

In partnership with Portuguese energy company GALP, MAR Shopping Algarve has developed infrastructure with state-of-the-art equipment powered by energy from 100% renewable sources.

“There are seven electric chargers, each with two independent sockets, totalling 14 charging points. There are different power outputs, between 7.4 kW and 60 kW (fast charger), in the covered parking area on Floor -1. Along with the IKEA store, there are 30 available charging points in the shopping complex”, states the MAR Shopping Algarve management.

Mar Shopping parking

“We are aware that the emission of greenhouse gases is one of the main factors in climate change. Our priority is taking care of our biggest meeting place – our planet. We are certain that electric mobility will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and therefore invested in expanding our electric vehicles charging stations for the Algarve community”, says Ana Antunes, MAR Shopping Algarve’s Meeting Place Manager.

The manager also points out that the concern is transversal to the Ingka Centers chain it is part of, whose strategy “aims for an environmentally positive operation by 2030. And, soon, the Algarve shopping centre will take another step in this direction by activating a new photovoltaic park”.