MAR Shopping Algarve presents weekly recipes from Chef Guy Doré

Chef Guy Doré, the man behind G’s Bistro at MAR Shopping Algarve in Loulé, is keeping busy during the lockdown by sharing weekly videos of some of his favourite recipes. The videos are posted each Wednesday on the shopping centre’s Facebook page, at 6pm.

At G’s Bistro, chef Doré says he aims to provide every customer with “a well-executed dish, at the best price, with flavour always as the main goal”. And his videos truly reflect this.

In his first video, the chef explains how to make a tasty pork loin accompanied by creamy white beans; in the second, he takes viewers through the steps of making a mouth-watering spinach quiche.

Meanwhile, his latest video provides recipes for delicious homemade guacamole and “super creamy” hummus.

His last two videos have English subtitles, allowing everyone to join in on the fun.

G’s Bistro is one of the four “high-quality restaurants” found at MAR Shopping Algarve. The others are Thai Brás; My Pastta and The Portuguese Lab. They form the Algarve Chef Experience, created by the shopping centre to provide shoppers with a “gourmet experience”.
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