Photo of part of Mar Shopping's Meeting Place with its electric charges to help increase the community's and region's electric mobility

MAR Shopping Algarve invests in electric mobility

Ingka Centres, operator of the MAR Shopping centres in Portugal, aim to reduce their CO2 emissions and take another step towards an environmentally positive operation by 2030. In Loulé, the Meeting Place at their shopping centre provides electric chargers and seeks to increase sustainability in mobility solutions.

The future of mobility is clearly electric and MAR Shopping Algarve, in line with the sustainability policy of Ingka Centres, is now providing electric chargers that add up to 30 parking spaces in conjunction with the IKEA shop in Loulé. Their Meeting Place is thus seeking to increase sustainability in what urban mobility is concerned, positioning the shopping centre not only as a shopping destination, but also as convenient place and one where those in the Algarve can socialise in and count on their daily lives.

The MAR Shopping Algarve initiative meets the increase of 100% electric vehicles (BEV) in the country. According to data from the Portuguese Automobile Association (ACAP), the sale of BEV surpassed the diesel cars in February this year, being a new monthly record. With more electric vehicles in circulation, it is necessary to increase the network of electric chargers and equip it with features that are convenient for this type of vehicles.

Photo of the Meeting Place at MAR Shopping Algarve with its electric charges to help increase the community's electric mobility

Being located in the central area of the Algarve region, just off the A22 motorway, MAR Shopping Algarve, together with GALP has developed an infrastructure with cutting-edge equipment that uses energy from 100% renewable sources. There are seven electric chargers, each with two independent sockets, totalling 14 charging points, and different outputs, suitable for each need – from 7.4 kW to 60 kW (fast charger) – in their covered parking area on the -1 level. Together with the IKEA shop, there are a total of 30 charging points available in this shopping centre.

“We are aware that greenhouse gas emissions are one of the major players when it comes to climate change. Our priority is to take care of our biggest meeting place – our planet. We are sure that electric mobility will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, so we have invested in expanding the offer of charging facilities for electric vehicles to the Algarve community”, Meeting Place Manager at MAR Shopping Algarve, Ana Antunes, says. She also highlights that the concern is cross-cutting to Ingka Centres’ strategy of having an environmentally positive operation by 2030, which is why the Algarve shopping centre will soon take another step in this direction and install its own photovoltaic park.

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Partial image of the Meeting Place at MAR Shopping Algarve with its electric charges to help increase the region's electric mobility

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