Man’s skeletal remains found in Monchique scrubland

PJ criminal police are investigating the discovery of a man’s skeletal remains in a scrubland area in Tojeiro, Monchique on Wednesday afternoon (January 8).

Reports Correio da Manhã tabloid, there are suspicions that the remains may be of a 38-year-old Scottish man who lived in Tojeiro for two months last summer before going missing.

CM reports that the body was found by a passer-by, although police were only called when the passer-by informed the owner of an establishment in Marmelete.

Says CM, evidence suggests that the remains had been there for some time given that “all that was left were some bones and clothes”. Wild animals may have also contributed to the rapid decomposition of the body, it adds.

Firefighters transported the body to Portimão’s legal medicine office where an autopsy is due to be carried out.

In order to confirm their suspicions, PJ police are due to request a DNA sample from the missing man’s parents, the tabloid adds.