PM expresses 'great enthusiasm' over election in Brazil of new president Lula da Silva
Lula da Silva won the legislative elections in Brazil at the end of October last year by a whisker (50.8% of the votes to Bolsonaro's 49.2%). Voters who did not 'get their man' have been protesting ever since

Manifesto signed by leading figures in Portugal and Brazil defends EU/ Brazil ‘strategic partnership on climate’

The European Union and Brazil should establish a “strategic partnership on climate” with the return of Lula da Silva to the Brazilian presidency, urges a manifesto signed by a number of leading figures in Portugal and Brazil, writes Lusa. Entitled ‘Stable Climate – Common Heritage of Humanity’, such a partnership “offers the prospect of a renewed multilateralism that favours inter-regional relations, in an international framework characterised by a weakening of multilateralism, aggravated by the serious crises that have followed.” Lula da Silva will be taking office on January 1 as Brazil remains mired in social and political unrest.