Manhunt after Moldavian man rushed to hospital with slit throat

Police are searching for a 36-year-old Moldavian man after one of his housemates has been admitted to hospital with a slit throat.

Police are believed to know the man’s identity, a PSP source told the Resident.

His alleged victim, another Moldavian national, is being treated in Portimão Hospital and described as in a “serious condition”.

Authorities were called to the scene at around midnight on Tuesday night (August 31) by a third Moldavian, also understood to live in the house.

According to Diário de Notícias, the man said the alleged attacker made a menacing gesture after cutting the man’s throat, “sliding his own finger across his own throat”.

He then fled the apartment on Portimão’s Rua de Timor with the victim bleeding on the ground.

PJ police are investigating.

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