Managing Diabetes and preventing its onset


by Anthony Worrall Thompson

in hardcover at 25 euros

If, like most people diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetic condition, you find it hard to change your lifestyle accordingly, Antony Worrall Thompson attempts to guide you on your way to improve your quality of life while still enjoying your food.

He has been diagnosed with Syndrome X, a pre-diabetic condition, and has since written four diabetic cookery titles supported by the Diabetes UK Association.  

This great selection of easy-to-follow recipes will help you eat sensibly and control your glucose levels long-term – try the Aromatic Fish Parcels, Stir-Fried Greens with Mustard Seeds and Cashews and the scrumptious Crumble in a Flash.

With chapters such as ‘Mediterranean Europe’, ‘The Middle East’ and ‘India’, you will be spoilt for choice without feeling that you’re sacrificing flavour for health.

Each of the 200 recipes has been analysed by a nutritionist and the nutritional breakdown is included, helping you to manage your glucose levels while never getting bored at mealtimes.


by Paula Coates

in paperback at 9.25 euros

A new series, each endorsed by the relevant leading health organisation, offering a better understanding of the conditions and

ways to better manage them through exercise and diet.  This volume deals with diabetes and the author, who is a chartered physiotherapist and a clinical lecturer at Kings College, London, outlines a simple fitness programme to help combat and manage it.

The other two titles in her series deal with arthritis and back pain. Each features an MOT health questionnaire, easy-to-follow exercise programmes and specific exercises to improve mobility, core stability, balance and strength, and encourage weight loss, if necessary.