Man used snake as weapon

A fight between two motel guests in South Carolina, US, ended with one of them being hit on the head with a snake.

The local police said that the victim, Jeff Culp, told them that he argued with a man called Tony Smith over the volume of his music in his room.

The dispute appeared to be over, but several hours later, the man told the police that Tony Smith walked up to him with a 1.2 metre python and hit him in the face with the snake’s head.

“He just walked up and tapped me on my shoulder, and stuck the snake in my face,” said Jeff Culp.

Tony Smith is alleged to have pinched the snake’s head, forcing its mouth open and then touched Culp’s face with it. After a complaint was made to police Mr Smith was arrested and charged with assault and battery.

The police incident report lists the type of weapon used in the alleged assault as ‘other’. Tony Smith surrendered the snake to family members before police handcuffed him and took him to jail.