Man tries to sell skills on eBay

An unemployed father has tried selling his skills for one year via eBay in a bid to support his family, setting no minimum bid.

Graphic designer Tristam Rossin, 36, from Cheshire, UK, took the drastic action after being unable to find work for the past two months and with his savings running out.

“I’ve a wife and three children to support, so this is a very serious venture for me, it is not a hoax,” he said.

He attempted to sell his skills as a graphic designer for 40 hours a week, for one year.

His last role as a designer had an annual salary of 27,000 pounds sterling, but he didn’t expect the eBay venture to lead to anything like that.

The advert has been removed by eBay, because it goes against their policies.

Tristam Rossin added: “I have 12 years of experience, but I have only been working part-time as a graphic designer in recent years as the family bought a campsite in France.

“The campsite business didn’t work out and we returned to Britain. I’ve applied for jobs nationwide, but I’m up against hundreds of applicants for each role. It is a cut-throat market and I knew that I had to do something drastic.”