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Man ticketed after trying  to get cat to go jogging

A United States Colorado teen learned the hard way not to take his cat for a run.

Seth Franco, a 19-year-old high school student, took his cat Stella for a jog to enjoy the warm weather in Lafayette city, Colorado, KUSA reported. They ran together about half of the way, then Franco found the kitty could no longer keep up. He tethered her to a rock and kept jogging.

Although Franco planned to retrieve Stella as soon as he finished up the run, his behavior still outraged some joggers who found a flock of crows attacking Stella before he returned. They helped fight to keep the crows away.

“They were yelling at me. Telling me I abuse my animal. I did not intentionally abuse my animal and they kind of just told me it was common sense to not tie an animal up,” Franco told KUSA.

Police let Stella go home since she wasn’t hurt and gave Franco a summons. He is due in court on animal cruelty charges, according to reports.

Source: www.nbcnewyork.com