Man suspected of paedophilia arrested in Quarteira

A man is being investigated by the PJ police on suspicion of taking photographs of naked children playing on a beach.

He was detained by Quarteira GNR police after being chased for around two kilometres by a lifeguard, who had been alerted by worried parents.

It is alleged that the man was taking pictures of the children playing at Foz da Almargem lagoon, near the Cavalo Preto beach, using a camera hidden by a newspaper.

His behaviour around the children raised suspicions among the parents and a father went over to him and asked him what was he doing, say police. Other parents also approached the man to ask for explanations and he denied he was taking pictures of the children and left the beach.

The  lifeguard was alerted and chased the man, eventually stopping him after a long chase.

The GNR and the maritime police were called to the scene and found images on the camera of two children playing naked.

The suspect, a 40-year old Portuguese man from the north of Portugal, was detained by GNR and is being investigated by the PJ police.