Man shot in head in suspected Olhão gang shooting

A 25-year-old man was shot in the head on Tuesday (September 16) after what is believed to have been a gang shooting near the train station in Olhão.

The man was found with part of a bullet lodged in his head but was still conscious when emergency services arrived. The wound was described as “superficial” and the man was released from Faro Hospital later that night.

PJ criminal police are investigating.

“We believe that shots were fired between two different groups, but witnesses are giving us different testimonies and we still don’t know how many shooters there were,” Hugo Marado, PSP commissioner in Faro, told Correio da Manhã.

What is certain is that several fired bullets were found at the scene.

A man was arrested shortly after the shooting as he “fitted witnesses’ descriptions” but he was released shortly after PSP determined that he wasn’t linked to the event.

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