Man shot in brutal Faro robbery

A supermarket employee, 46, was recently shot as he was leaving work in a violent robbery in the area of Areal Gordo, Faro, early in the morning on Monday this week, according to a police source quoted by Lusa news agency.

The victim, who works for the local Algartalhos supermarket chain, was getting ready to leave one of the offices at 9am with a case containing around €200,000 from the 20 supermarkets’ weekend takings when he was attacked and shot by the robber, who stole the money and fled the scene in a vehicle driven by an accomplice.

A Faro hospital source confirmed the man entered emergency care later that morning where he is still recovering.

According to Correio da Manhã newspaper, the robber wore a mask and black gloves and shot the worker in the leg when the latter tried to fight back the criminal.

In May, the wife of the owner of the chain had already been mugged at the same location, when she was getting ready to leave with a bag containing the supermarkets’ takings. Some of the company’s stores have also been targetted by robbers.

The latest incident is now being investigated by the PJ criminal police.