Man seriously injured when 200 kilo cow falls on top of him

A freak accident at a cattle show in Montalegre over the weekend saw a 200 kilo cow fall on top of a 42-year-old man.

The man was taking part in the show, promoting distinctive Barrosã cattle, when he “suffered a drop in blood pressure and fainted”.

It was at this point that the cow fell on top of him.

The man was evacuated by helicopter to Vila Real hospital.

He is believed to have suffered serious injuries, particularly to his chest.

(Our publisher has since remarked that 200 kilos would be an anorexic cow. Further research suggests the cow would have been a fairly young Barrosã. Juveniles weigh betweeen 70 to 130 kgs and may not reach 200 kgs before they are some years old. Whatever the case, 200 kgs of startled animal falling on top of anyone is unlikely to see the victim getting up in a hurry).