Man ‘on run’ since PSP killing ‘waits to be notified by authorities’

After statements indicating he dealt ‘killer blows’, police admit no CCTV evidence

Clóvis Abreu remains ‘on the run’ from authorities investigating the death of PSP agent Fábio Guerra, outside the Mome disco in Lisbon last month.

The second civilian linked so far to this incidence, Abreu is wanted by authorities in Portugal and Spain, but has so far eluded capture.

Expresso has reported that a ‘deal’ has been struck, suggesting Abreu will hand himself in after Easter. He is believed to have been working abroad.

Now the same paper suggests he will only hand himself in after being formally summoned by judicial authorities.

Bearing in mind judicial authorities have no idea of his whereabouts, this will be done through Abreu’s lawyer Aníbal Pinto, who assures he has no idea at this point where his client is.

The most compelling aspect of this ‘update’ is that the initial hullabaloo over Clóvis Abreu being the attacker responsible for Fábio Guerra’s death appears to have been vastly exaggerated.

At the time, he was cited for having hit the 22-year-old off duty agent with a rock (or piece of ‘calçada stone’).

Now, it has emerged that there is no evidence of this at all.

Indeed, Expresso today says Fábio Guerra’s death “came from the punches and kicks he received to (his) head. There was no stoning of Fábio Guerra”.

According to the CCTV images, the punches and kicks to the dead were delivered by the two Portuguese naval marines currently in Tomar military prison.

Bizarrely, both these men were reported to have blamed the police agent’s death on Abreu – understood to be a long-standing friend of theirs.

For the time being, ‘everything’ in terms of criminal charges remains on hold.

The two marines are “suspected of the crimes of aggravated murder and causing grievous bodily harm”, but they have not yet been formally charged.

One thing does seem certain, the men will not be returning to active duty. Their commander in chief Admiral Gouveia e Melo said as much in a searing address some days after Fábio Guerra’s death.

Over Easter the family of the dead agent appealed for justice, vowing they will not accept that their loved-one’s death goes unpunished.

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