Man kills landlord, then commits suicide

An unemployed builder killed his landlord before committing suicide in the rural area of Salicos, Lagoa, last Friday, January 18.

An argument over unpaid rent bills at the rented property is believed to have led to the tenant, named as Leandro, 55, shooting his landlord, Laurindo Bentes, 65, with a shotgun and then killing himself .

The door of the property, which was an annexe attached to the landlord’s house, had to be forced open to get to the bodies.

The wife of the shooter is said to have witnessed the crime, which took place just before 1pm.

Long-standing friends who used to hunt together, the men had been neighbours for more than 20 years but, it is believed the friendship turned sour when rental payments failed to be made.

The men were well-known in the neighbouring town of Carvoeiro and a black flag was hoisted outside the Sociedade Recreativa (social venue frequented mainly by the town’s men) to mark the deaths.

The Polícia Judiciária are investigating the case.