Man formally accused of molesting six-year-old cousin in Portimão

Portugal’s Public Prosecutor’s Office has formally accused a 44-year-old man of molesting his six-year-old cousin in Portimão.

He was arrested by PJ police in June (click here) and has remained in jail ever since for allegedly forcing the boy to “watch pornographic films” before “sexually abusing” him on the night between June 24 and 25.

The crime reportedly happened at the boy’s grandmother’s house.

The man, said to be of “African origin”, faces not only jail time but also deportation, as it is reported that “he is in Portugal illegally and does not have any family ties or a job that justifies his stay in the country”.

The case was reported to authorities when the child “complained that he was in pain” when his grandmother was giving him a bath, and told her what had happened.

He was taken to Portimão Hospital to undergo exams which “confirmed that the boy had been subject to sexual abuse”.

The man will remain in jail until trial.

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