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Man devours 62 hot dogs in 10 minutes

Joey “Jaws” Chestnut wins the World Hot Dog Eating Contest for the fifth consecutive time, devouring 62 sausages and buns in 10 minutes.

Chestnut retained the mustard-yellow champion’s belt at the annual July 4 contest on New York’s Coney Island, US, beating 16 other competitors including three who had flown all the way from China.

The 27-year-old engineering student from San Jose, California, was six hot dogs short of his personal best but won http://www.0,000 for his efforts.

He said: “I feel great about my performance, the competition was awesome. I was able to eat more than last year.

“Next year, if somebody pushes me a little harder, I will definitely go for a new record.”

Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest has been a Coney Island Independence Day tradition since 1916.