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Man builds nuclear reactor

A Swedish man was arrested after he tried to build a nuclear reactor in his kitchen and documented his efforts on the internet.

Richard Handl, 31, from Angelholm in southern Sweden, gathered materials including smoke detectors, clock and watch hands and other purchases on the internet.

“I was just curious to see if it was possible. It is just a hobby,” said Handl, currently unemployed but previously a worker in a ventilation systems factory.

Handl said he had tried for months to set up a nuclear reactor at home and kept a blog about his experiments, describing how he created a small meltdown on his stove with americium, radium, beryllium and 96 percent sulphuric acid.

The Radiation Safety Authority said in a statement the authorities raided Handl’s flat after hearing that he was handling nuclear materials in an unsafe way.

He was detained and shortly after freed.

“I am still a suspect for crime against the radiation safety law,” he said.