Man believed to have attacked GNR officer inside Quarteira supermarket arrested

A man arrested by GNR police on Wednesday (December 2) on possession of illegal weapons and drug trafficking charges is believed to be the same person who attacked an off-duty GNR officer inside a Quarteira supermarket last month.

The case dates back to November 5 when a man was caught on CCTV footage punching an off-duty officer inside a supermarket and threatening him in front of clients and employees.

Reports Correio da Manhã, the attacker had apparently gone to the supermarket because he knew the man’s girlfriend worked there. The two men apparently have a contentious history as the police officer reportedly arrested the man’s father a year ago in a case which is still ongoing.

But the suspect, 21, was arrested yesterday along with a 23-year-old man as part of a GNR police investigation related to drug trafficking and criminal possession of firearms.

As a result of their investigation, GNR police confiscated several weapons and munitions, over 2,500 doses of hashish and €42,680 in cash. The two men were due to be heard in court today (Thursday).

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