Man assaulted child after water balloon fight

A 33-year-old Pennsylvania man was arrested and charged with two counts of assault after he allegedly beat up a nine-year-old boy who beat him in a water balloon fight.

There seems to be no shortage of embarrassing details for Joe Mongeon, who witnesses say instigated the water balloon fight with the child. However, the The Times-Tribune of Scranton reports Mongeon became “enraged” after the young boy successfully targeted Mongeon with a water balloon of his own.

That’s when witnesses say Mongeon pushed the child to the ground and began kicking him. When the boy’s mother, Helen Flynn, attempted to intervene, Mongeon allegedly punched her in the face.

Thankfully, both mother and son seem to be OK. Both refused medical attention after Mongeon was arrested. Police later charged Mongeon with harassment, along with the counts of simple assault. He was released after posting a $5,000 bail.

Source: www.news.yahoo.com