Man arrested for murder of woman inside Faro hairdresser in November

A 43-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of the murder of a 68-year-old woman inside a hairdresser in Faro in November (click here).

In a statement to the press, PJ criminal police said they collected evidence that led to the “conclusive identification of the suspect” who was located and arrested on Saturday in Loulé, where “he moved to after committing the crime and abandoning his home in Faro”.

The case dates back to November 28 when the woman’s body was found inside the hairdresser she owned for over 20 years in Faro.

Authorities were alerted by neighbours who hadn’t seen the woman in days and were concerned about her wellbeing.

PSP police initially searched for her at her home, where they found evidence of “violence” and that someone had broken into the place.

They then sought her at the hairdresser. The scene they discovered was “of great violence”, it was reported at the time.

“The victim is believed to have been attacked with physical force, having sustained head trauma which led to her death,” the PJ police statement reads.

TVi reports that a PJ police source has confirmed that the fatal attack happened during a robbery.

The suspect is due to appear before a judge today.

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