Man arrested after fleeing car crash and spreading hashish along A22

Faro’s PJ police have arrested a 30-year-old man who allegedly fled the scene of a car crash on the A22 motorway, leaving behind him packages of hashish which he tried to carry.

Police believe the man tried to escape on foot when he realised that he could not get the engine started and tried to take as much of the drugs with him as he could. Officers found many packages around the vehicle and along the side of the motorway.

The man is suspected of having crashed his car after he hit the road’s side rails in Albufeira at high speed.

The case, which dates back to December 16, has been taken over by PJ police who were able to locate the suspect this week and carry out house searches which led to the confiscation of 200 grams of cannabis.

The suspect will await trial in custody.

Meantime, a 52-year-old man has also been arrested in Albufeira after he fled from a traffic control operation.

He allegedly threw 55 doses of cocaine and 47 doses of hashish out the window of the vehicle after refusing to stop. The man was later intercepted by police and will appear before a magistrate.

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