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Man allegedly attacks 12-year-old for calling son a “little prince”

GNR police are investigating allegations that a man attacked a 12-year-old boy in Lagoa for calling his son a ‘principezinho’ (little prince) at school.

The incident dates back to April 12 when the boy was out of school, having lunch with some classmates.

“The man stopped his motorbike and called my son over, but he didn’t go. He then walked over to him, grabbed him by the neck and threw him to the floor, hitting him several times in the face,” the boy’s mother Filomena Lopes has told Correio da Manhã newspaper.

The child’s friends then went with their injured classmate to hospital. He had a “swollen face, a black eye and injuries on his chest and neck,” said his mother.

There were also fears he had suffered a ruptured eardrum, she added.

Lopes said she has been accompanying her son to and from school ever since to “avoid any further trouble”.

“I think it’s normal for there to be problems between students at school. It’s no reason for a grown man to do what he did to my son,” said told CM.

The alleged attacker is said to be 45 years old and live in Lagoa. Lopes has already filed an official complaint with GNR police while the force’s special school patrol, Escola Segura, is now said to be monitoring the situation.