Makro in Portugal expansion plan

Makro in Portugal expansion plan

Makro is to open more cash-and-carry stores in Portugal as part of a general expansion plan.

The cash-and-carry wholesale retailer which sells in bulk to restaurants, cafés, hotels and other food establishments currently has 10 stores in Portugal and will open more at a yet to be defined date.

“I don’t see any reason not to open more stores,” said Olaf Koch, CEO of German cash and carry group Metro AG which owns Makro, in an interview with the Lusa news agency.

He added that before taking any decision, the company had to see if existing capacity was sufficient to meet demand.

“If capacity is not keeping up with demand due to growth then, without a doubt, we will have to invest in new shops,” said Olaf Koch who added that the location of any new stores would be the decision of the head of Makro Portugal, David Antunes.

David Antunes suggested the Serra da Estrela, Covilhã and Madeira areas of Portugal, with Olaf Koch suggesting new stores could open up within the space of one year.

On the question of Makro’s investment in Portugal, Olaf Koch and David Antunes did not give amounts but said it would be investing in people and customer service quality.

In addition to taking on seasonal staff, the cash-and-carry has already taken on 225 contract staff since 2017.

In the Algarve, Makro has stores in Albufeira and Faro.