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Making special occasions unforgettable

Wedding and party planning specialists Quinta Occasions opened the doors of new premises in Almancil at a launch party on July 18.

Sally Roberts, owner of the Quinta Jacintina five-star boutique hotel in Almancil, told the Algarve Resident: “Quinta Occasions has grown out of our ownership and business at Quinta Jacintina. It is a fantastic venue that is popular for weddings and parties but we needed a space to showcase our work and what the Algarve has to offer.”

Clients can now book an appointment and visit the Quinta Occasions showroom that brings together all of the elements required for a special occasion.

 “We have used our experience and knowledge of the region to bring together a portfolio of local services and suppliers from venues, catering, photography, cars, florists, cakes, favours, décor, music and entertainment,” said Sally Roberts.

She added that clients are welcome to fly out to discuss their plans and ideas with the team, after which everything can be decided via email and telephone.

“We take the leg work out of organising an event in a foreign country for those who come from abroad, and offer residents a peaceful and welcoming venue to come and talk to us also,” she said.

Beach weddings

At the new premises, visitors will be able to sit in a private lounge and view a video with ideas as well as see a variety of different place settings.

“We can organise events to take place anywhere in the Algarve. We have already worked on several successful beach weddings, formal and informal events, christenings, wedding anniversaries and more,” said Sally Roberts.

As part of their wide range of services, Quinta Occasions also introduce couples to local clergy and take care of any paperwork required to legally marry in Portugal.

For more information, their multilingual team can be contacted on 918 024 113 or by email at Alternatively, visit the website, available in English, at