Making pools safe for our children

Poolsafe was established in 2008 by Alistair MacGregor as part of his property management business to prepare private and public swimming pools for proposed national and EU legislation.

France introduced new laws in 2005 to help reduce child deaths in pools and other EU countries, including Portugal, are considering adopting similar pool safety laws.

According to Child Safety Association (APSI) statistics, on average 12 children die per year in water related accidents in Portugal, while there are at least 10 times that figure involved in close calls.

Poolsafe has a range of permanent fencing, with childproof gates, all built to worldwide standards and using special locks and hinges to ensure that the pool area is secure at all times.  

Alistair MacGregor said: “Pools in private, rental and condominium areas must be protected to stop toddlers and young children under five from access when unsupervised. “We use the French, AFNOR certified, pool guard, removable fencing, as well as several types of fixed permanent fencing and gates.”

The legislation currently in the pipeline will affect hotels, condominiums and rental properties.Owners and agents may become liable if there is an unfortunate incident.

Poolsafe will visit your property, assess the pool area, discuss options with you and quote for any works.

They offer a free survey with no obligation across the whole Algarve.

Currently on the inox/glass fences, Poolsafe is offering a 15 per cent discount for owner’s direct orders.

For more information about Poolsafe, please call 289 591 662 or visit