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Making a difference in people’s lives

Youngsters attending the Youth Club in St. Vincent’s in Praia da Luz have undertaken a number of outreach ministries in the last couple of months, including a three-day volunteering project at Lisbon’s main Food Bank, which feeds over 70,000 people through its efforts.

The group also tidied up the British Cemetery, cleaned the Church of Scotland Church, attended a multi-cultural evening in support of migrants from Cape Verde and joined St. George’s Church of England for their morning service.  

All this while sleeping on the floor of the Presbyterian Manse, which was offered for their use as a home base.

A few weeks later, the youngsters held a 30-hour fast to raise funds and awareness for the needs of the hungry in Portugal.

They went to the local supermarket and purchased €650 worth of food for the Lagos Food Bank, which is organised by the church.

Since last year’s fast, the number of families using the food bank has risen by a third – nearly 300 families in Lagos alone.

The next day, having satisfied their hunger pangs with a pizza feast on the seafront in Luz, they led the prayers and much of the worship in the church for the Sunday service.