Makeup on the go

Perhaps it’s just me but, since lockdown, my makeup routine has seriously gone out the window. Gone are the days where I would contently sit for 20 minutes in the morning and gracefully apply my makeup, taking time with my fabulous contour and perfectly applied nude lipstick.

Call me lazy – perhaps it’s this heat – but I think what lockdown has shown us all is that we don’t need to complicate things. Our time is so valuable to us now. In the mornings, I now spend half that time on my makeup, probably even less. Plus, I now have a very cute but energetic two-year-old daughter, so sitting down for 20 minutes in the morning is an unrealistic luxury!

So, how do we simplify our makeup routine and still make sure we look good? Add to the mix, we are now in the hottest time of the year and the thought of having a full face of makeup slightly terrifies us!

First things first, a makeup bag declutter. Anything out of date or that you haven’t used in a long time needs to be taken out. Show no mercy! My obsession right now is multipurpose makeup. This means one product with everything you need. It’s not about being cheap or flat out lazy, these products are incredibly handy when you’re in a hurry in the morning, on holiday or going for a night out and you have a small bag with you.

Here are my top picks for multipurpose makeup:
If I had a euro for every time I have been asked about Trinny London Makeup, I could go on a nice little holiday for myself! Trinny Woodall, the founder of Trinny London, is a no-nonsense English beauty entrepreneur, fashion/makeup expert, television presenter and author.

I love Trinny, she’s sassy, to the point and knows what she’s talking about! Instead of bulky palettes and tubes, it consists of stackable, portable pots of cream blush, eyeshadow, lipstick and concealers. These little pots can all connect under each other and are so nicely sized they can easily fit into a handbag or tidily on your sink.

I’ve been using these products for six weeks now and – wowzers – the quality and durability are great. I don’t use any brushes as advised, just my good old finger. They are long lasting, blendable and natural on the face. The colour range is fantastic and, when you purchase on the website, it will colour match for the most suitable shades for you.

I’m especially in love with my eyeshadow colour called ‘Vision’ Eye2Eye. It’s the most beautiful mauve colour which makes my blue eyes pop. Never has my makeup routine been as quick, clean and easy. Pots start from €22 each.

The next product I recommend for us ‘girls on the go’ is the ‘Full Face Edit’ by Sculpted by Aimee. This is an award-winning Irish makeup brand that is renowned for simplifying your makeup routine. I have a lot of her products and each time I use one for the first time, I’m always blown away by the quality and price.

The Full Face Edit comes in different shades to complement every skin tone. It fits perfectly in your hand, so it isn’t too big and bulky. It contains a matte medium bronzer, a highlight, a blush, two eyeshadows and a pink cream tint that can be used as a lip tint or cream blush. Plus, I like to double up and use the bronzer and blush on my eyes too. It retails at €35 – amazing for the amount of products you are getting. It has won multiple awards and it’s one I would really recommend. |

Who, these days, doesn’t love a bit of Charlotte Tilbury, darling? She has taken the luxury makeup and beauty industry really by the horns. I practically live on her website these days and my makeup kit contains a lot of her products (my bank account will tell that sad tale). Her New! The Look of Love – Instant Look in a Palette is a multiuse palette with seven shades for your eyes, cheeks and face. It comes in two different shades. I have the ‘Pretty Blushed Beauty’ and it’s so pretty. The ones that say Pop can also be used wet to increase colour and shine. Priced at €69 – go on, treat yourself!

By Sharon Phillips
|| [email protected]

Sharon Phillips is a well-known, fully qualified makeup artist from Ireland. She has been working in the makeup industry in Portugal for nearly a decade and specialises in bridal makeup, editorial photoshoots and film and television. Her passion is helping women feel and look fabulous through makeup.

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