Make your own 100% natural spreads at Intermarché Lagos

Since the beginning of the year, Intermarché Lagos has been focused on providing bulk produce, along with more sustainable ranges and services to respond to the new outlook on food.

“There is a remarkably growing interest in produce that fulfil the utmost responsible means of production, that take on a social and environmental commitment throughout the process until they reach our shelves,” says the group’s marketing department. “More and more, we know our customers want ‘clean’ food.”

Accordingly, Intermarché believes in the positive transformation of people’s daily habits and in contributing to the wellbeing of the planet and has responded to consumer trends.

The group wants to help customers access natural products, so it now showcases such options in all traditional sections of the store. In line with its commitment to stock more natural products and to provide a personalised service to its customers, Intermarché Lagos has even opened its oilseed mill where visitors can produce their own butters or spreads from raw ingredients.

Highlighting 100% natural and healthy fats, the raw ingredients available at the mill are exactly what you take home. The entire process is done by the customer, who can choose almond butter, hazelnut and chocolate spread – which has an advantage over the market leader as it does not contain sugar or palm oil – or peanut butter, a favourite among top athletes.

You can also pick the consistency, from creamy to medium or crunchy, to spread on bread, use in countless recipes or just dip your finger in the jar!

“This mill is an essential service that complements and strengthens our range of bulk produce,” said the store manager. “Traditional oilseed butters contain less than 30% of oilseeds such as hazelnuts, almonds, among others. They also contain cocoa and milk, but mainly a lot of oil and sugar. Using our mill, the almond and peanut butters contain only a single ingredient, while the hazelnut and chocolate cream consists of 80% hazelnuts and 20% cocoa.”

Besides the natural product you get from the mill at Intermarché Lagos, the hypermarket also stocks its own vegetable milks made with those same oilseeds.