Make way for Noddy!

The little boy in the red and yellow car will be making an appearance at the Centro Congresso do Arade in Parchal on Sunday.

Noddy, Tessie Bear and Big Ears will be bringing all their friends from Toy Town to the Algarve and will be entertaining children of all ages in Noddy Live during two shows taking place at 4pm and 7pm. Noddy, created by British children’s author Enid Blyton in 1949, has been a staple part of childhoods around the globe for decades and continues to bring a touch of magic with the bright and easily identifiable characters moving easily into the 21st Century.

The characters will be performing an Enchanted Concert using lots of different instruments including Tessie Bear’s music box to liven up the party while there will also be an unexpected surprise for everyone at the party.

Tickets to the shows cost 18 Euros and are available to buy directly from the centre or by visiting www.blueticket.pt

For further information about Noddy Live please call 282 413 147.