Make the most out of the Algarve with Simplicity

Simplicity is a brand-new discount card concept about to take the Algarve by storm, opening the door to discounts in approximately 500 varied establishments throughout the region, for locals, expats and holiday-makers alike to enjoy. The cards will be distinguished into two different types – a resident card for locals and a visitor card for holiday-makers, both attractively priced at just 35 euros and 20 euros respectively. The resident card is valid for 12 months and the visitor card valid for four consecutive weeks, at any time of the year.

The concept of the card is, as the name indicates, simple, to offer a beneficial, mutual relationship for both card-users and participating businesses. The aim of the company is to recruit 450-500 varied businesses – restaurants, beauty salons, gymnasiums, golf courses, tennis clubs and other sports facilities, as well as hotels, car rentals, boutiques and health care establishments for example – equally spread throughout the Algarve. To adhere to the scheme, each business must propose a discount or special offer on their products or services. The businesses will then compose a Simplicity directory, in which each establishment is listed, along with a description, contact number and discount offered. This way, Simplicity card-users are constantly informed of which establishments their card is accepted and what discounts they can enjoy in any given area.

Participating establishments, identified by using a trademark blue and yellow Simplicity door/window sticker, will also sell Simplicity cards, along with the free directory. This is where benefits for businesses begin…commissions. An eight-euro commission will be given on 35 euro cards, per card sold, with a five-euro commission returned on 20-euro visitor cards. The number of cards a business may sell is unlimited – the more cards sold, the more money earned. It is estimated that the average income from card sales will be in the region of 7 to 8,000 euros, with additional cash incentives and monthly, quarterly and annual bonuses awarded.

No entry fee will be requested to cover the initial cost of cards, as this will be deducted from sales after the first month. Other benefits businesses will enjoy include a rapid increase in their client base, turnover and profit returns, free promotion and free advertising provided by Simplicity, via a number of the region’s main advertising media. So what strings are attached, you may be asking? The answer is: none. The Simplicity discount scheme is the result of 18 months of intensive research by Stuart Greenwood, formerly a well-known and successful sportsman, business owner, politician and once Mayor of Hebden Bridge near the Yorkshire-Lancashire border.

Stuart, along with his Portuguese area sales manager, Céu Ferreira, will be more than happy to take any enquiries, provide additional information to anyone or any business interested. In his own words: “Everyone will be a winner with Simplicity.”

• Cards will be available from March 26. For more information on Simplicity, to register your business, or details on where to acquire your Simplicity card, Tel/Fax 282 359 681, call 933 942 816 or email [email protected]