Majority of Covid patients in Portuguese hospitals have blood-type A-

Following on from yesterday’s news that blood stocks in Portugal are running low, tabloid Correio da Manhã has revealed that the majority of patients here requiring hospital treatment for complications from Covid-19 have blood-type A-.

This is in line with international studies that suggest the A and indeed AB blood groups are the most susceptible to developing complications as a result of infection by the virus (click here and here), and is why there has been an appeal for blood donations (click here).

Says CM: “The lack of blood is currently a worldwide problem that is also affecting the production of vital medication for the survival of many patients. The most affected blood groups are A-, A+, O- and B-“.

Meantime, the paper has elaborated on the truly massive surge in deaths in Portugal over the last nine days.

The country has been running at over 600 deaths per day. 

Covid deaths have accounted for roughly a third of this daily death toll. 

On any ‘normal’ day in Portugal between 250-300 people are expected to die. Thus the latest surge largely proves findings by statistics institute INE recently that for every two Covid deaths there is one death that wouldn’t necessarily have happened if the health service wasn’t so focused on the pandemic (click here).

Nelson Pereira, coordinator of casualty and intensive care at Porto’s São João Hospital, has described the country’s current level of death as “unprecedented”.

“Since 2009 there have been two days with more than 500 deaths in Portugal. Now we have seen nine consecutive days with over 600 deaths. We have never faced anything like this in the history of modern medicine. The only thing that can save this situation is that we all stay at home”, he insists.