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Major police raid at council estate

Five people were arrested during a police raid, involving 65 GNR officers, at a council estate in Carvoeiro on Tuesday morning.

As part of a two-month long investigation into illegal firearms and thefts, police raided three houses in the Bairro Jacinto Correia estate, which led to three individuals, aged 18, 21 and 30, being arrested for possession of a loaded 6.35mm calibre gun, four white weapons (non-firearm weapons), 1,000 doses of hashish and precision scales.  

Other items seized included jewellery, LCD televisions, more than 200 mobile phones, 10 digital cameras, stereo systems and DVD recorders.

Police believe these items were stolen in the Lagoa council area.

The other two detainees, of Guinean and Senegalese nationality and aged 36 and 40, were found to be living in the country illegally.

A further two were notified to appear at the Immigration and Border Control Office (SEF) to legalise their residency status.

All five detainees were due to appear in court on Wednesday.

This is not the first time the GNR have raided houses in the Bairro Jacinto Correia in the Poço Partido area of Carvoeiro.

The council estate is known for being a hiding spot for members of organised drug dealing networks, some of which have been dismantled in the past following investigation into the movements of gangs in the area.