Magnificent trophy recognised as a work of art

The eyes of the world will be focused on the Dom Pedro Victoria golf course over four days for the traditional golfing spectacular of the Portugal Masters. At close of play on Sunday, only one player will have their hands – and name – on the magnificent trophy, and so it’s worth looking more closely at this magnificent work of art, created specifically for one of the world’s premier golfing tournaments.

Designed by Susana Martins and owned by Turismo de Portugal, the three elements making up the Portugal Masters trophy are: a golf ball, several spherical rings and a tee. Made in silver and plated in white gold, the rings are in darkened filigree, with the polished ball, supported on the tee, containing satin highlights to emphasise the dimples. This distinctive piece, like the tournament, is celebrating its 13th anniversary.

When the Portugal Masters was launched in 2007, Lídia Monteiro was the director of the communications department at Turismo de Portugal and recalled the creative genesis of the trophy: “What we wanted was to find a graphic design that could encompass some identifiable values of the Portuguese nation. The goal was that the trophy should become the very symbol of the tournament.

“We contacted several universities and jewellery schools, had a briefing with all the stakeholders and subsequently began to evaluate the proposals from several candidates, and the winning proposal was chosen for its universalism. The golf ball is like the globe, and the rings represent ancient navigation instruments – an activity Portugal was once renowned for when it discovered the world. Indeed, the science of navigation is embodied in the design of our national flag.”

Today, Lídia Monteiro is general director of marketing and promotion at Turismo de Portugal and she recalls the sense of achievement at the creation of such a distinctive artefact: “It was a trophy that really amazed us. It gives me satisfaction and pride because I think we can really feel synergy in the piece. It’s very elegant; it contains elements of our history, and our traditional Portuguese goldsmiths. It’s associated with a sports activity, but it’s also an asset from the point of view of tourism.”

When the dust settles on the 13th edition of the Portugal Masters, the stunning trophy could have a new name or maybe a previous winner’s will be repeated. What’s certain though is that the beauty and grandeur of this magnificent creation will be centre stage as the world witnesses the prize raised proudly aloft by the 2019 Portugal Masters champion.


Photo: The 2017 champion, Denmark’s Lucas Bjerregaard, holding the Portugal Masters trophy. Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images