Magical moment.jpg

Magical moment

TIM HUGH, the internationally acclaimed cellist, performed two concerts at the São Lourenço Cultural Centre last week. At the sellout second concert, we heard him accompanied by Algarve pianist, Raquel Correia. But it was at the first concert, during the second half, that the really magical moment occurred.

In 1915, Zoltan Kodaly wrote his Sonata Opus 8 for solo cello. Something of a rarity, it seems, as only one person in the audience had heard it before and that was 30 years ago!

Before Tim played the piece, he told the audience it was recognised as one of the most challenging works for solo cello ever written. The audience felt a little apprehensive and wondered if he would be up to it. And then he began.

Our full attention was immediately captured as the fireworks and rhythms of the music filled the air. It never let up for a moment and we sat transfixed, marvelling at one man’s ability to produce and control such amazing syncopations and sounds. At the end, as the bow was finally lifted from the strings, before rapturous applause broke out, the entire audience heaved a great sigh which sounded like a unanimous “wow” … pure magic!

I cannot afford to wait for 30 years to hear it again, so have added another CD to my wish list.

The next concerts at São Lourenço will be on July 5 and 8, when Pål Lindtner Eide from Norway will play for us. The first concert is entitled Piano Pictures and the second, Piano Fairytales. Tickets are available at 25 euros by calling Carmen on 289 395475 from 10.30am to 7.30pm any day except Monday.

Contributed by Barry Shaw of Associação de Amigos de Música de São Lourenço