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Magic mushrooms on sale in Portugal

A SHOP selling herbal drugs has opened in Aveiro in central Portugal, the first in Europe outside of the Netherlands.

The O Cogumelo Mágico, (The Magic Mushroom), is a retail establishment that specialises in the sales of psychoactive substances in the form of herbal drugs and provides customers with a selection of natural products that can have varying hallucinogenic effects.

Owner of O Cogumelo Mágico, Carlos Mabuto, said: “Everything sold in the shop is completely legal, we are not violating any laws and have received licensing from the câmara.”

Mabuto imports all the goods from the Netherlands and is confident he can change the mentality of the population towards herbal drugs, which he views as far less dangerous than other products on sale in Portugal, such as tobacco and alcohol.

Some of the natural products on sale in O Cogumelo Mágico include herbs, teas, cacti and magic mushroom growing kits.

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