Maëlys’ distraught father “calls in Portuguese medium”

Ten days since his nine-year-old daughter vanished from a wedding reception in France, son of Portuguese emigrés Cleyet Araújo is reported to have enlisted the help of notorious medium, Fernando Nogueira – known in Portugal as the “Bruxo de Fafe” (Warlock of Fafe).

Talking to journalists, Araújo insists he has every belief in the investigation led by French authorities, and is hoping for a breakthrough now that they have a suspect in preventive custody (click here).

The decision to call in Nogueira is simply a way of trying to speed up the process, the medium has told Correio da Manhã.

Well-known for making predictions about Benfica, football games in general and winning numbers in the national lottery, Nogueira claims he is flying to Lyon this week, and the Araújo family will be waiting for him.

He has also said that French police are “not opposed” to his presence. “They have said any help is welcome”, he told CM. “I will not interfere with their work. I will be writing a report after doing my work, sealing the envelope and then delivering it to the local police station”.

CM claims Maëlys’ father has sent Nogueira photographs of his missing daughter, her mother, himself and jailed suspect Nordahl Lelendais

The “bruxo” tells the paper he wants to check out the area where Maëlys went missing himself.

His trip is due to be completed by Saturday, when his return to Portugal has been booked.

Nogueira has since told CM’s television channel CMTV that his journey to Pont-du-Beauvoisin, where Maëlys went missing on the night between August 26-27, will be enough for him to know whether she is alive or dead.

Meantime, CM claims that images of Maëlys are being massively shared over the Internet, the idea that if she was kidnapped for introduction into a child trafficking ring, someone somewhere may recognise her and get in touch.

Lalendais’ is apparently still saying that he had nothing to do with the girl’s disappearance.

The DNA traces discovered in the back of his car were due to her having entered it with a friend to pet his dogs, he has claimed.

Lelendais mother, too, has said her son could not have been capable of kidnapping a child. “He is not a monster”, she is reported to have told reporters.

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