Madonna mystery: she “hasn’t bought” a palacete, and it’s ‘haunted’ anyway

Another week of VIP intrigue: Madonna may well be considered a “Lisboeta” as she enjoys an extended stay in the de luxe Pestana Palace hotel, but she may not have bought the Sintra palacete that made headlines last month (click here), and if she has – or does in future – she may have to accommodate some very grisly history.

So says well-known socialite José Castelo Branco, writes tabloid Correio da Manhã.

Flamboyant Castelo Branco explains in a video posted over social media that the former owner of Quinta do Relógio was Paula Mundet – a close friend of his wife Betty Grafstein.

Mundet met a truly macabre end at the hands of a lover who “cut her body up into pieces”.

The only slight saving grace to this horrible story is that Mundet was not butchered in Quinta do Relógio itself, but in another property in nearby Estoril.

Needless to say, none of this is in the least bit relevant if Madonna is actually NOT the new owner of Quinta do Relógio, a story that CM’s sister publication Sábado ran as an exclusive last week.

Sábado claims to have checked public records and spoken with the current owner Eva Berglund, – described as a Swedish divorcée – who told them emphatically that the whole story about Madonna buying the property for a purported €7 million is “a great big lie”.

“I know she has been in Sintra looking for properties, but she has never been here”, Bergland is quoted as having said as she was photographed facing a barrage of questions through the palacete’s locked gates, stressing that even if the “Queen of Pop” was interested in the historic property, she would have to get permission to buy it from Sintra council before any deal could go ahead.

Meantime, and to the delight of Madonna’s fans, the star herself has taken to Instagram to suggest she is working on new material and making a film.

Confirming “Now I live in Portugal”, the 58-year-old musical phenomenon added with recourse to multiple emojis and exclamation marks:

“The energy of Portugal is so inspiring. I feel very creative and alive here and I look forward to working on my film LOVED and making New Music!!! This will be the next chapter in my book! It is time to conquer the world from a different vantage point!!

Madonna is here with adopted children David Banda, accepted into Benfica’s football academy, and twins Esther and Stella.

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