Madonna “clinches special residency visa in secret meeting”

Queen of Pop Madonna – living for the last two months in Lisbon’s top-flight Pestana Palace Hotel – is being ‘fast-tracked’ to become an official Portuguese resident.

Tabloid Correio da Manhã is carrying photographs today purporting to be the moment Madonna set off for a secret meeting to iron-out all the details with minister for internal administration Constança Urbano de Sousa.

Her application is being treated as an “exceptional situation”, says CM, as it involves a “unique personality of enormous international projection with all this represents for the image of our country – on the level for example of tourism and the economy”.

Not to be confused with a “golden visa”, the paper suggests Madonna’s status is one very much in a class of its own.

The 59-year-old celebrity arrived at the Lisbon headquarters of MAI (ministry for internal administration) in the back of a black €140,000 electric Tesla with tinted windows.

“Everything was planned in detail”, explains CM.

The meeting was scheduled for 6.30pm “when the majority of MAI staff had left for the day”, and “secretism extended to the fact that the meeting was not even announced in the minister’s diary, habitually sent to the media”.

Madonna and her entourage – including her personal lawyer in Portugal Ana Pedrosa Augusto – “entered the ministry with as unobtrusively as possible” at a quarter to seven, leaving an hour later.

Bureaucratic niceties are now in the hands of borders agency SEF.

Meantime, Madonna’s house-hunting continues, says CM, despite the fact that th colourful celebrity has “visited dozens of properties”, including ‘to-die-for’ palacetes in nearby Sintra.

While the search continues, the star’s home-from-home with her adopted children David Banda and twins Esther and Stella (Pestana Palace’s sumptuous D. Carlos suite) is said to be costing her more than €2000 a day.

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