Madonna celebrates son’s 12th birthday at Zoomarine

Guia’s award-winning theme park Zoomarine was the choice of pop diva Madonna for the celebration of her adopted son’s 12th birthday recently.

According to reports, the star and the Malawi contingent of her extended family travelled to the Algarve for a fun-filled day at the park in which she uploaded clips onto social media of her ‘birthday boy’s interaction with dolphins’ – a popular ‘package’ available at Zoomarine.

As Jornal de Notícias explains, Madonna’s choice of Portugal for a new life with her children has been prompted by the footballing talent of her son, David Banda, who is now enrolled with the Benfica school in Seixal.

With the family enjoying an extended stay in one of Lisbon’s top hotels, Madonna-related stories have become the order of the day in national media: some nicely positive, others less so.

In this last bracket came reaction to a recent clip that Madonna uploaded onto social media, showing her ‘rebel’ children disregarding a “Do Not Step on the Grass” sign at Palácio de Seteias in Sintra, and running uproariously across the forbidden turf.

Madonna was clearly delighted by their antics (click here), but quite a few commentators weren’t – one suggesting that “if everyone did this, there would be no grass left…”, and others being even more critical.

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