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Madeleine sighting in spain

Spanish police are investigating a new sighting of missing Madeleine McCann in a Costa del Sol holiday resort, almost five years after her disappearance from Praia da Luz.

Malaga-based Diario Sur reported that a tip off from Portuguese police earlier this month referring to a little girl with a “strong physical resemblance” to Madeleine McCann now finds detectives making inquires about the missing eight year old in Nerja, southern Spain.  

Spanish officers from a specialist unit have reportedly been provided with the sighting details and are now mobilised on the case.

This development is thought to be connected to the new Madeleine case review that has recently been launched by a team of officers from Porto.

Many possible sightings of Madeleine in different parts of Spain have been reported since her disappearance, including another recent tip off that placed the little girl in Axarquia.