Madeleine ´seen in England´

A RETIRED civil servant in Dorset has claimed he saw Madeleine McCann in the care of a Portuguese couple.

Alan Cameron, who is 66, told British newspaper the Sunday Express on February 24 he was shocked when a couple came to look at garden furniture at his house, which he had advertised in a local newspaper, and had a child which looked like Madeleine.

As police launched an enquiry, Alan Cameron said: “Straight away they struck me as odd. The woman said she was Italian but I know Italy well and they weren’t speaking Italian, they were speaking fluent Portuguese.

“The man had a few days’ growth on his face and was wearing filthy clothes. He told me they ran a language centre in Weymouth, but then the woman hit him and told him to be quiet.”

Alan Cameron also said that the couple apparently tried to cover the little girl’s face  with her hood, but that when he saw her face he was convinced of her identity.

Clarence Mitchell, spokesman for Gerry and Kate McCann, said that the private detective agency, Metodo 3,  employed by Madeleine’s parents had been informed.

“There’s a lot about this sighting which suggests that, at the very least, we are talking about an abducted young girl,” he told the Express. “We are eagerly awaiting any outcome. We take all sightings seriously, and we would urge people to remember that and not to feel that something they may have seen may not be important.”