Madeleine investigation receives further cash injection to investigate “outstanding leads”

Comments are largely turned off for the various media stories published yesterday revealing that a further £300,000 is being ploughed into the Metropolitan Police investigation that has already spent in excess of £12 million trying to establish what happened to Madeleine McCann who went missing while on holiday in the Algarve over 12 years ago.

In the past, mainstream papers like the Sun gave readers free rein to react to the fact that so much money is being spent on a search for just one missing person (click here).

But this time round, the Sun and other leaders in the field have refrained from giving the public any say on the latest developments.

A story by the Independent is followed by a box saying “see all 32 comment”. But a click on the box reveals nothing.

Only the Daily Mail appears to be allowing readers space for an opinion, with over 400 comments saying the equivalent of “enough is enough”.

Over social media, commentators suggest the news was strategically dropped “between President Trump’s visit and the D-Day commemorations”.

The total cost of Operation Grange – launched eight years ago – also appears to be ‘vacillating’. Two years ago it was given as having reached “over 12 million pounds, or almost 12 million pounds”, but stories this week are reducing that by up to a million pounds, irrespective of the fact that funding has been continuous.

Reports agree that the new cash injection will take the investigation forwards for another year.

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