Madeleine investigation gets another €386,000, taking total spent so far to over €13 million

British police searching for Madeleine McCann have been given a further €386,000 to take investigations to March 2021. 

The total spent on the probe dubbed Operation Grange has now exceeded €13 million. 

Critics have queried why further funds are necessary when German police claim they already have their man (click here), but according to Portuguese media British authorities say the money will go towards helping the Germans “validate their theory”.

As a number of media sources have stressed, the lawyer defending the convicted pedophile/ rapist and career criminal accused (but not yet formally charged) of having abducted and murdered Madeleine has said there is nothing more than circumstantial evidence linking his client to Madeleine’s disappearance (click here)

It’s time for the relentless campaign insisting on his guilt to come up with concrete proof, said Friedrich Fülscher back in August. Since then, there appears to have been no official response from the German authorities. 

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