Madeleine fund cuts

According to reports in the British media, the Find Madeleine Fund has received a blow after home improvements tycoon Brian Kennedy reportedly cut back his financial support of the campaign and has stopped paying the salary of Clarence Mitchell for his PR and media work on the case.

Brian Kennedy, who had previously pledged to support the McCanns until their daughter was found, has allegedly been hit by the credit crunch and has scaled back his financial support as a cost cutting measure.

Ed Smethurst, Brian Kennedy´s lawyer, told the Mail on Sunday that Mr Kennedy was no longer paying the salary of Clarence Mitchell directly but that he “remains fully supportive of Kate and Gerry McCann and the search for their daughter”.

The Algarve Resident attempted to contact Clarence Mitchell about his future involvement with the McCanns but at the time of going to press on Wednesday he had failed to comment.