Madeleine case – holidaymakers asked for DNA samples

UPDATED 12.35 ON 10.10.07

PEOPLE WHO stayed at the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz from where Madeleine McCann disappeared have been asked to provide DNA samples and fingerprints, according to a report in The Times.

British police are said to have made the appeal after Portuguese detectives failed to identify a number of samples found at the holiday resort.

Superintendent Stuart Prior, who is co-ordinating the investigation in Britain, has written to holidaymakers requesting help, says newspaper.

But a spokeswoman for Leicestershire Constabulary would not confirm whether Supt Prior had issued such an appeal.

She also would not say if there had been any attempt to interview former guests.

The report said the letter explained that Portuguese detectives had drawn a blank on a number of samples recovered from the resort, including some taken from the McCanns’ apartment.

Supt Prior is said to have told tourists in the letter: “I have now been asked by the Portuguese investigation team to arrange for DNA samples and fingerprints to be taken from holidaymakers living in the UK who were staying at the Ocean Club Resort.”

He goes on to emphasise that the request is “routine practice”, the newspaper reported.