The image of ADN's poster campaign, launched this week in Madeira, but purportedly 'going national'
The image of ADN's poster campaign, launched this week in Madeira, but purportedly 'going national'

Madeira’s ADN party blames Big Pharma and government for excess mortality

ADN campaign “warns about adverse reactions to Covid-19 vaccines”

At a point where ‘internationally’ rumblings have already begun about ‘new potentially dangerous Covid variants’; the possibility of a return to restrictions, even lockdowns, a Portuguese political party in Madeira has launched a poster campaign “alerting the population to the excess mortality that is occurring worldwide and to the adverse reactions to the Covid-19 vaccine”.

ADN – standing for Alternativa Democrática Nacional (Alternative National Democracy) – began putting its posters up in the autonomous region of Madeira yesterday, ahead of the legislative elections coming next year, saying “this is also being carried out at national level”.

The party draws on the fact that shares in pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Moderna “had been plummeting” until the beginning of August, at which point “successive announcements by world governments and the media about the return of new variants” saw them recover “in a few days the millions they had lost on the stock exchange in recent times”.

There have been stories about ‘updated vaccines’ being required/ coming online – and how the former vaccines may not protect against these new strains of Covid-19.

In a statement sent out to Portugal’s media outlets, the party said: “We would remind you that, in a press release sent to the press on 17 June 2022, we warned of the need to investigate the excess mortality that occurred in our country – especially during the months of April and May of that year, when we had the highest number of deaths in Portugal in at least the last 40 years – and to identify those responsible for this situation. This situation occurred already after the population had joined in, voluntarily or forced by discriminatory measures implemented by both the Republic and regional governments, which resulted in more than 95% of people having taken one to four doses of a substance containing or generating messenger RNA.

“These injections proved to be ineffective, according to the official figures announced, failing to prevent in practice the occurrence of the disease designated as Covid-19, followed by a worsening of excess mortality from all other causes, especially in the population groups they were supposed to protect.

“Subsequently, in April of this year, around 70 doctors, including ADN’s National Advisors, Dr Margarida Oliveira and Dr Gabriel Branco, signed an open letter demanding that the causes of the increase in myocardial infarctions in the Portuguese population be identified.

“We would like to remind you that official bodies, subservient to the government and its accomplices, have tried to hide fundamental statistical data, withholding information in contravention of the law.

ADN is the only party fighting the globalist lobbies and supranational powers and, now that we are better prepared for all the battles that may arise, since the new scare alerts suggest that the big pharmaceutical companies will not give up the subsidies they have managed to obtain from all the world’s governments, we will not allow a repeat of the unconstitutionalities and illegalities that took place between 2020 and 2022.

To be fair, ADN is almost certainly not the only party fighting globalist lobbies. A number of political figures have set out on a similar course in the last few years. But ADN is certainly the only party in Portugal to have developed this narrative, albeit ‘scratch the surface’ and it can be found in a number of places.

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