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Madeira death fall: Mayor says “dangerous” trail removed from recommended walks

Funchal mayor Paulo Cafôfo has confirmed that the Levada do Bom Successo trail that has seen two tourist deaths in four months – one this week – is “dangerous” and was removed from the council’s list of recommended paths “some time ago”.

He stressed the walk which claimed the life of a 60-year-old German holidaymaker on Wednesday (click here) “should not be recommended to anyone” – although reports that the man died on the trail were incorrect.

The holidaymaker was in fact on a secondary path, running off the route, when he fell 90 metres to his death, Cafôfo explained.

Now, the council has authorised the purchase of a digital App to give tourists 30 locations of “interest” worth visiting – in a bid to ensure that fewer end up on the Levada do Bom Successo – and it is putting in for EU funding to upgrade 19 rundown areas on the island.

Levada do Bom Sucesso is one of the many hikes in Madeira that follow ancient irrigation channels.