‘Made in Portugal’ masks ready for export market, says economy minister

‘Made in Portugal’ masks are now being turned out by national producers at the rate of a million a day.

The idea has always been to supply the internal market, but now things have moved on to the point we’re getting ready for export.

Said economy minister Pedro Siza Vieira on Sunday, plans are increasingly to produce reusable masks instead of models that can only be used safely once.

Practically every region of the country already has private individuals and groups creating beautiful reusable masks for sale over the internet. The industry Siza Vieira was referring to involves much larger companies producing masks with a certified seal of approval from medicines authority INFRAMED.

And in line with the prime minister’s thinking about the development of new supply lines as a result of this crisis (click here), Siza Vieira stressed the importance of Portugal – a great producer when it comes to textiles and clothing – taking this opportunity to cater for a need “that will become very necessary in Europe, the United States” possibly even other markets.

“We cannot be dependent on China which has traditionally been the main supplier with regard to this kind of equipment”, he said, suggesting that Portugal’s beverage sector will also be taking the lead from this crisis to diversify production towards alcohol-based hygiene products.

Key in the government’s plans are supply and price accessibility. Masks for instance will be made widely available through pharmacies, supermarkets, and vending machines as their use from today is mandatory in all public ‘closed’ spaces.

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